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by on Aug.30, 2013, under General News, Ramblings

Well hello again there faithful followers.. all two of you!

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while.. since February, it seems.  There has been a lot going on.. I have exploded on the Board Game front.. one day I will post all the games I have, so if anyone would like a game day.. yeah!

But if you’d like to know now, you can see my list here at BGG.

Also.. I’ve been playing the Video Games awfully hard lately too.. I got me some Infinity (Disney) and have been playing that a lot lately.  I have some extra power discs, if you would like to trade!


As well, I’ve taken to making components and programming Arduino Microprocessors.  I’m currently finishing up my BinaryClock and will hopefully be etching my Arduino Shield today.. so I’ll post some pictures of that..



I will en-devour to blog more often.. I just think that most of the time I have nothing important to talk about.. but .. we’ll see


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Upon which I buy an iPad…. again

by on Feb.01, 2013, under Ramblings

So yesterday I found myself with enough money to buy … something..

My initial idea was to buy my Galaxy Note 2, out of contract.

However, I then though.. well That’s about the same price as a iPad 4th Gen, 64GB Tablet.

Now it’s no secret, I really missed my iPad when I had to give it up last year. However during the last year I got a REALLY good deal on a Nexus 7. I’ve been using that for almost 8 months. And I do love that little thing. However, I have noticed that sometimes it’s just a tad too small.

So, I bought myself an iPad again. I do like the iOS design and the size. However, I find myself thinking.. was this really the best use of my money.

I’ve also was looking at a PC Tower, or a Mac Mini for my video Editing (I’d still have some left over).. Or even that Galaxy Note again..

The next 30 days will be interesting, since I have 30 days to return the iPad to Best Buy..

As always, comments are welcomed… and you know the Android vs iOS argument is moot, because I like them both..

Hrmm.. tough times ahead..

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New Things are FUN

by on Jun.20, 2012, under General News, Ramblings

Well hello all my faithful followers..
Today.. today was a good day.. Yeah it was about 100F.. yeah it was about 60% humidity.. Yeah my whole house has the air conditioning working overtime.. but what else is new?

My pen pal from Japan sent me a letter.. not only was it a letter.. but it was freaking awesome.. it was a letter on a traditional Japanese Fan.. An (Uchiwa) (wordpress won’t allow me to use hiragana characters, sorry) .. it was freaking cool.. and it’s neat to have something that was in Japan.. I swear someday I’m gonna go over there..

Next.. yeah… this is the big news.. my BattleBox came in.. that’s right.. I’m almost ready to play Warmachine at the Local Game Store .. I need to do some massive painting in the coming week to get ready.. but .. yeah.. AWESOME.. Here are a couple pictures of the two armies.. all put together..


Until next time my lovelies..

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by on Jun.07, 2012, under Ramblings

Okay.. so most developers know, standardization is key to good code.  Now when I was in school learning C and Cobol, we were taught to indent code in thus style:

function someFunc($a, $b) {
    echo "Do something";
    if (1==1) {
        echo "Do Something";

Now, I’ve been doing a lot of work in WordPress over the last couple years and have been told I should be formatting and standardizing on the K&R formatting system.. This is counter-intuitive to what I learned.. 🙂 But I guess I need to change..
The K&R system is like thus:

function someFunc($a, $b)
    echo "Do something";
    if (1==1) {
        echo "Do Something";

This will be a heck of a learning curve.. but I’ve already started changing my editors to do the new K&R style.. man it’s going to be a long road…

You wouldn’t think that one “ENTER” would make much of a difference, but when you have been doing something for 15 years the same way.. change will be rough..

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