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Kindle, Sony and Nook: A Few Thoughts

by on Dec.12, 2009, under General News, Ramblings

sony-prs600Okay.. So for a while, I’ve been watching the eBook front.

Heck I even bought a Kindle DX, but have since returned it.  I’ll explain a few things I’ve found out doing some research and reading on the net.

Now the kindle.  The kindle was a nice piece of kit, it was big it had a keyboard.. it was nice.  The only thing, I didn’t like exactly how it worked with PDF’s.  But the rest was nice, the wireless was nice, however I usually had it turned off.  e-Ink and display were nice, and of course, it’s amazon.

Now, after doing some reading on the Nook, I’ve found out.. Yes it has a native PDF reader but you can’t annotate PDF’s.  Well that kind of bites.  I was also able to play around with the hardware a bit at B&N tonight.  The display was nice, it did seem a little sluggish when refreshing, but I don’t expect it super speedy.  The color screen seemed.. cumbersome.  It mis-registered finger clicks, the swiping action, when I was using it, reset the swipe every time I tried to swipe the list of options .. So I would swipe up, and the option my finger was under popped to the bottom, and then screened up.. I had to do this 4 times, before I got a “page”.  That kinda put me off.

Now after reading about the Sony 600 Touch, and playing with it quickly at target, I seem to like the interface on that a bit.  Wireless is not a deal breaker for me, but would be a nice touch.  The screen was nice and quick, and it responded well to finger swipes and touches.  I have read online that the Sony Reader allows annotations in PDF’s (Nook and Kindle do NOT), which I think is a selling point for me.. I plan on keeping alot of my books on the SD cards anyway (the Kindle does not take SD cards, the nook takes microSD cards, but you have to take the back off to load it, above the SIM Card).

I have a SD card full of PDF’s I’d like to try, but Targets display blocked the SD Slot.  Best Buy’s display took the SD card and said “Reading Card” but the display unit wouldn’t go out of “Demo” mode, so I’m going to have to ask the staff if they will allow me to see a demo unit that works.  But for the buck, at this time I’d pick the 600 at this time for my styles of eReader.  The Sony has more options of “reading” formats, it has the nice touch and (from what I hear) good PDF support.  I’m sure Sony will come out with a wireless enabled device next year (pending contracts I’m sure).  However, Alex, iLiad and the Que readers coming out next year.  So I’m trying to decide if I should wait, or use Best Buys return policy to “try” the Sony Reader.  It’s on sale ( or was today ) for 20$ off.

If I decide to try the Sony, I will definitely have a review here, stay tuned.

UPDATE: I just found out that the eReader Daily Edition (which launches next week, the 18th), is 100$ more and offers 3G wireless (AT&T) and still a touch screen.  All in a 7″ reader.  Might be a contender.

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