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Things on my mind 04/29/2009

by on Apr.29, 2009, under Flood Recovery, General News

Once again, been a couple of weeks.

The house is coming together nicely, we have mostly everything done.  We are just trimming up the the house with the old refinished trim.  It’s looking like home again.  There are people down the street working on a house, seems that today they have finished their drywall.. which means they don’t have much left for them to do.


Downloaded a new game on XBLA, been playing it for a little while, seems to be a pretty neat game..  I hope to actually finish it and have lots of fun with it.

I’ve been, also, working with Chris Pirillo, but due to work and theatre have had to put that on hold for a couple of weeks as that gets sorted out.

Speaking of Theatre, TCR has announced their new season.. Looks to be a promising season, as well they are planning to be BACK in the theatre building by this time next year.  I’m am really looking forward to getting back in there.

We are currently working on hair, it’s been loads of fun and the cast is awesome..
Here are some spy shots (shhh.. don’t tell anyone):

Coming up in the next few weeks, I have a knitting project I’m trying to get done, (two actually) get to meet up with some friends, get to do some new programming in rails.. It hopes to be a interesting May and I hope to blog more often as things happen.

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Things on my mind – 04/13/2009

by on Apr.14, 2009, under Flood 2008, Flood Recovery

Been another couple of weeks.  Lots of updates and lots of things going on.

First, let’s start with the house.  Our counter tops are all in and looking awesome.  As well, our kitchen sink, garbage disposal and dishwasher are all in and working wonderfully.

We have very few things left.. we are in the home stretch.. we are so close to being done.. We’ll see how the final inspection goes.

Next, I’ve got a new gig that I’m working on.  I’m helping out doing a little css and coding work on the WicketPixie theme with another guy for Chris Pirillo.  It’s a lot of fun, got my brain working again.

We also had a few friends in town, and I had some time to finish a knitting project in a  couple of days.  (You can read about it at my Knitting Blog).  It was lots of fun, and one of the few “Finished Objects” I have.  I have now started on a hat for my wife, should have that done in a few days if I can keep at it.. Working with a lot of stitches and in the round.

More things are coming down the pike, I’ll keep you all clued in!

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Things on my mind 3/25/2009

by on Mar.25, 2009, under Flood 2008, Flood Recovery, General News

It’s been yet another two weeks and some more things have happened..

First of all, let’s talk about the house.  We got all our kitchen cabinets in and set, they look great (sorry no pictures today).  We are supposed to have the counter tops in and mounted this weekend.  After that, we have just a few rooms left to put trim up in.  The original woodwork trim that we pulled out, cleaned, sanded and stained are going back up.  We have the hallway, Jake’s room and some of the dinning room done.  We need to finish up Jennifer’s room, the living and dinning room.  It’s looking much better.

Also last week I started to work at TCR again.  We are doing the play Fences.  It’s a pretty powerful show, it’s actually pretty good.  As always there are little things that happen that make you roll your eyes.. and then we have the tech problems.  Last weeks tech problems were fun.  We had a small power surge during our opening night and made the whole of the stage lights flicker on and off (like someone flipping a switch on and off) for the whole of the second act.  On Sunday we had sound issues, the computer that runs the sound was having memory  issues and was not found until 10 minutes before house opened.  We did get that fixed up and working just fine however.

Coming up next is the closing of Fences this weekend (the 29th) and hopefully I’ll be able to get some good quality time in Azeroth, with LittleSister and in Paradise City.. Yes that’s right, I’m sure some of you got the references out there.

As well, I’ve started a new knitting blog and a new project as well.  I’m close to half done with it.  This is something, currently, I’m working on while waiting for things to happen backstage (between scene changes, and during intermission).

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Stuff on my Mind 03/10/2009

by on Mar.10, 2009, under Flood 2008, Flood Recovery, General News

Well once again, it’s been a couple of weeks.. I’ve been lax in getting information out to my public, as small as it is.. 

We are doing VERY good on the house.  The floors are done, we got lots of furniture in, the electrical is done, the appliances are in and we are just waiting to get our cabinets and countertops in.

I took my first tour of the new TCR building, TCR Lindale.  It’s a nice little space, very intimate and very nice for what we do.  I’m excited to be getting back into working at TCR.  I’ve missed my time away from TCR and hope that we can have lots more fun in the coming years.

On a side note, I’ve been watching more and more TV through hulu.  Watching Late Night with Jimmy Falon, which didn’t interest me at first.. but after the 5th show.. he’s gotten better.  I think he’s finaly getting more comfortable in his late night position.  Also caught up on my Family Guy, which I’ve never really watched but seem to enjoy.

Anyway.. we hope to have the house done here within a month.. Many pics to come when that happens.  More to come next week!

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