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Final Painting

by on May.23, 2012, under Gaming, General News, Ramblings, Warmachines/Hordes

So I forgot to post this up.. I finished the bolt thrower, if you look close at the picture, it’s not painted the best in the world.. but for my first paint.. I think I did right well..

I’ve also since done another model.. but have yet to take a picture…. she was a little bit easier to paint, but harder to glue.. imagine that..

I’m waiting and hoping that I get the Warmachines starter set for my birthday.. July can’t come fast enough!!

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Day 2.5, Some painting

by on May.06, 2012, under Gaming, General News, Ramblings, Warmachines/Hordes

Okay.. just before I show everyone these pictures, please note.. I never ever claimed to be a master painter..

So .. Yeah.. I tried my best, here is the Beastie with it’s skin base coat and getting ready for the armor.. it’s got a black base coat.. get to work on the armor tomorrow, as well as some metal stuff..

This is going to be an exsercise in learning how to paint.. I wish there were more comprehensive painting tutorials for these guys like there is for the Citadel guys.. *sighs* .. oh well.. we can only do our best right?

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Day 2, Model Building

by on May.06, 2012, under Gaming, General News, Ramblings, Warmachines/Hordes

Well here we go.. Day 2.. I had this nice little glued together mini all ready for priming..

I took my little guy out to the garage, got me a cardboard box to use as a spray table and everything.. As I was spraying the little guy, I bumped the box.. stupidly I had placed the box on top of another for added height (I couldn’t be bothered to go and get my paint spinner or saw horses for stability) .. what happened.. the mini fell…

OH CRAP, I yell at myself (well you get the idea).. so I go about to picking up the wet mini, in the 5 pieces it returned to after hitting the cement floor when I noticed.. even worse.. it fell in a pile of leaves and hair..

So low and behold I spend the next 45 minutes scraping and cleaning the wet paint and getting all the gunk off the model.. went to re-glue all the pieces that fell.. at this time I was a little ticked off.. so I said.. this guy is going to be unique and I re-glued the head spikes at a wonky angle.,… just cause I thought it looked cool..

So here is my mini, re-glued at some wonky angles and primed totally.. now comes the skin.. that will be fun.. (maybe).. here’s hoping I can mix the paint in the right ratios.. the painting part should be easy.. paint the skin.. 🙂

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Friday night at the GameShop

by on May.06, 2012, under Gaming, General News, Ramblings

So.. I’ve been looking again at games.. and not video games this time…

I’ve been looking at board games and table top games, since my son is getting to the age, where I think he’d like it.. And I found something called Warhammer.. Yeah.. I know you are all saying.. where the heck have you been?

Well I’ve not been in a game shop in A LONG TIME.  I’m sure I’ve heard of it.. but didn’t really understand what it was…. but the minis had me transfixed..

So I went to “War Games” night at my game shop  (tempest games) and watched a couple people play warhammer 40k.  Yeah.. that was one of THE most confusing things that I’ve ever seen, however, the minis still intrigued me.. so I figured.. I’d meander around and watch some of the other miniature games going on.. this is where I found WarMachines..

Nephilim Bolt Thrower

Nephilim Bolt Thrower

Warmachines has everything I like about games.. Miniatures, Cards, and Books.. plus… DICE.. I love having a ton of dice.. 🙂  So after watching several, and I do mean several, games of warmachine/hordes.. I think.. this is the one I’m going to do…. So what to do next?

Research of course, I downloaded the FAQ from PP and talked to some of the guys at the shop.. They are all really cool dudes who, as they play, explain what they are doing, and don’t seem overly annoyed doing so.

They told me, I have to come in sometime to play a demo.. They will pull out a couple armies and walk me though, albeit extremely slowly, a game.

So.. The major part of these games are.. well the miniatures.. so you need to have some sort of skill and artistic talent to do this hobby.. So I thought.. I’d buy a cheap character.. try to put it together and paint it to see if I have the chops..

Putting it together was ALOT easier than I thought, I have uploaded pictures to my G+ post on this.

Suffice it to say, when my birthday rolls around in a couple months.. warmachines is on the TOP of my list!!!

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