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Oh where has the time gone….

by on Apr.14, 2010, under General News, Ramblings

Well well.. yes I’ve been a little slacky when it comes to my posting.. I realize this, but the past few months have been pretty busy for me here at casa de…. well me..

First off, let me start by saying I did keep the nook and it’s a wonderful device for what it does.. especially after the newer firmware.. it is pretty darn kewl.. And I really like it.. that being said, I do have to admit that I got an iPad.. and yes I do love that too.. let me tell you, for regular books however, I’d probably use the nook, but for my technical books, even tho they look pretty darned good on the nook, I’d probably read them on iBooks just because the code blocks and sample pictures are easy to read and understand… I do like the iPad almost 10″ of wonderful goodness.  Yes there are many people that say it is essentially a large iPod, which in general I’m sure it is.. but movies, books and other things are much better on the iPad than I though they would be.. I do love it

On to my next endeavour, I have been busy with some local volunteering.  Our Theatre (TCR) re-opened the flood torn building we used to be in, so that took up a few months of my time as well as working with the Cedar Rapids Rollergirls.. these ladies are a blast to work with, and are alto of fun.. if any of you live in Cedar Rapids, I highly suggest getting downtown (or even if they are away) and seeing a bout.. it is a wonderful night of entertainment and a good damn sport too.

You can find thier season schedule on thier website (at least you can tomorrow when I promote it into production).  Go see a bout..

Now onto my final point for this long post.  I’ve been saying for years that I wanted to get a tattoo and I believe that everyone in my family thought that I was never going to do it, but after talking with some of the Roller Girls (wait… maybe they are bad influences) I found a pretty good damn tattoo artist to do me a medical tattoo.  She works for Lefty’s Tattoo parlor in Lindale Mall.  Wonderful place, stop by and see ’em if you are thinking of getting work done.  See I hate wearing jewelry.. the only thing I wear is my wedding ring usually, so I thought.. what better way to let the medics know that I’m a diabetic, than to permanently get it etched into my skin.. Nice thing, I’ll never loose it (easily)..

Well that brings my ranting to an end.. in summary.. TCR is back, Roller Girls RAWK and I have a tattoo (and plan on getting more).. Maybe this is my mid-life crisis.. but I hope not, I prefer to spend that on video games 😉

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TCR ‘Hair’: Review

by on May.05, 2009, under Show Review, TCR



Many people, that know that I work for TCR, ask me.. “What do you think of the show.”

My common response is, “I let everyone make up their own decision, I don’t rate shows.”  The reason I usually tell people this is that, most shows are so-so and just because I don’t like ’em, doesn’t mean that others won’t.  So I try to make sure that everyone makes up their OWN mind.

This show, however, I have to put in my two cents.  Hair as a show I’ve never seen, I’ve seen bits and pieces of the movie, but it never compelled me to watch it any further.

For those of you who don’t know, HAIR is a show about Hippies, drugs, love and war.  Very appropriate for the time it was create, the last 60’s.

From the time I heard that HAIR was going to be performed at TCR, I’ve wanted to do it.  However with several problems throughout the year, I fell out of TCR’s volunteer pool for a few months, and was unsure if I’d be able to run the show.  Luckily I was allowed in to be the LBO for this show.   I’ve had a lot of fun on this show.  The songs are done very very well with G and his band, and the cast.  They are having a lot of  fun with the show and it does come off that way.  I do wish that I was working ON stage, but the lights are just as fun.  There are a lot of light cues and it’s a lot of fun.

I would recommend that EVERYONE go and see this show, if not see it twice.  This is an awesome show and the cast deserves high praise for how they are playing the show.

The stage has been reworked, went from a flat stage to a raked stage as it did in theatre’s past.  When walking on this stage, it’s pretty hard to keep your balance and the cast does well dancing on the raked stage.

I have got to say, this has been the most fun  I’ve had on a TCR show in a very long time.  The cast is wonderful, the camaraderie is awesome and the show is BOSS.. SEE IT!

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